Monday, March 30, 2009

all of a sudden

My tears run dry, My laugh turns mute.
I do not hate, i do not love.
I only sit. and sieve.

As days go by, i see the change,
though every day has gone the same.
faces don't protrude and skip my heartbeat,
Kind words sound through my hollow heart and fade.
Bad words sound through my hollow heart and fade.
I no longer jump at the sound of my name.
as if predicting each meander of fate.
All of a sudden, All of a sudden,
suddenly slips by to predictability.
And I'm numb.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A figure of Time

As if a malfunction occurred and thoughts that should have been sorted,
enter into a sea of trailing threads which my mind has absently aborted.

You forget past days as they slip by like sewing slipping thread,
each stitch you sew imprints the present,
while the rest unravel and fade.
You try to rememver week old faces,
but they all fade into the grey.
Memories never meant to blur,
shift like shedding tears and fade.