Thursday, October 21, 2010

a song

I've been tryin' to wrack my mind to find a reason that could find out
why I sit here. why I, wait here, for a sign.
And I've waitin' in this place with this blank look upon my face
waiting to find you, maybe, know you, maybe.

and I'm
so dependent on my
I keep lookin' out the window for a sign,
but I feel it in my bones, but they've been so wrong,
They've been lying to be all along.

and I'm
Scared that this trail is like a snails leading to a dying shell,
and the trail of slime I'm tailing has run dry.
and I'm afraid that nothings perfect and this imperfection kills me,
and I won't stop at nothing till I feel that floaty feeling,
and I never seem to feel it, so why should it be different I don't know

but I feel it in my bones, but they've been so, so wrong, they've been lying to me all along.

and now the reason once loud slips into a little whisper,
like a soft lullaby of the fears you'd never utter
but i utter over utter over and it gets louder,
the sound of my voice, a nail in the coffin
these sounds though soft they seep through wisdom; rationale soon becomes useless

but i feel it in my bones, i feel it in bones,

and i feel it in my bones, and yeah they're creaking and aging; yet I'll keep hoping for you,
and I'll wait in this place, creaking and aging
waiting until the pain of being in love with nothing gains a meaning,
then I'll know it's in my bones,
i'll know it's in my bones.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My love for you is brimming,
and even if it were to fade,
it would fade like the sun burning.

Burning through galleons of gas,
as it keeps on going.
Shedding light on the universe,
as you light up mine.

And even if we were no longer together,
this love will never unequivocally cease.
For it is the lasting fuel for every hear beat.

This love will last until,
The fuel dims my universe to darkness,
like a snail trail leading to a dying shell.
And my heart has stopped beating,
as the love that burned is gone.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


her past an intricate quilt of cotton and bunting.
Such delicacy woven into every fissure of every care placed,
a cool warmth to clear my mind.
Such passion placed in her daily life
always with weary eyes and unvarnished smile.
To evoke such inspiration from hard work.
A smile so genuine to set a bar for beauty.
inspired by the love of traditional simplicity.
A force of karma to work for the earners of it,
without earning herself the life she is yearning.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I used to have an empty outlook on an average life.
Everything was invincible and safe as I was not gone
and would not be until I no longer existed.
I think that added to the boredom, It was never going to stop until I did.
Everything reeked of mediocrity. The people, the 9 - 5 life.
Every day i had the image of life, resembling a flat-line, green and monotonous, powering through everything.
There was no skipping of heartbeats, no shuddering, shaking, shivering or yelping.
No flicker of life like there were no flickers of smiles from my mouth.
Just a faint dull trace of hope, guiding me blindly like an auto-pilot through a clear blue sky.
With nothing to distract me or inhibit me, just flying through the air to the time of a ticking clock.
The sunrises and sunsets were as unimpressive as the Grey mist that clouded my mind.
I felt like i would be flying on this flat line silently until i reached an unequivocal end, and amounted to absolutely nothing.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


You tie life's anchor to your leg
and and dive into the black.
Then you take it all in,
and let it all back out again.

you fall apart slowly
and you find it hard to sleep,
you stare at yourself and the secrets you keep.
You look past the mirror and the wall behind it,
Into the things that have nothing to think about.
Like talking shit about nothing in particular,
the way the weather is and the way the days are getting longer.
And nothing gets past the surface, and it stays in front of your eyes.
anything could pass in front of you, but your completely desensitized.
A new day has come, as maturity has grabbed you,
with its grey clammy hand to cushion the reality around you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hands laced in blue to power passion,
to search a face or spit out poison.
Hands composed of papery leather,
as transience's are all completed and dignity faded.
Jealously pinching at the cheeks of the young,
the shimmering silk of a mortal frame.

Hands cupping water on a mountain ledge,
or the blood of a wound near life's end.
Hands like the tools of the soul,
to throttle, embrace, love and hate.
To gain a reputation with.

I've used these hands to read and write,
and pick up the curved body of a hollow guitar,
to encompass this solitary life.
Plucking at the heartstrings of the inanimate,
with no response, other than the echoed melody repeated back.

My unmarred hands lie pale and soft,
waiting for the warmth of another empty heart.
I'll let these hands lie at their sides.
Out of view from their pitiful sight.
Until i come across a change,
to grab a rope as its thrown.
And squeeze it till my hands get tough,
and red and raw as the heart I now love.
An in this chance i will intertwine,
your hands soft life-lines with all of mine.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

i dunno.

I do not care for the common passers ears,
let my hearts glee not be deterred
for any soul that does not requite it.
Let the glee ring out from these mortal cage of ribs,
for they seem to hold back this feeling in too small a confine.
Let this mortal facade be laughed at
once my passions breath has been held too long,
and with the howls of heaven let it flow,
flurried from the very hollow of its core.
It's the time for the heart to rule the mind.
Where no questions are asked,
and no answers need be given.
In this palpitation of impulsive love,
not to be calmed down to a monotonous pace.
Let us keep our hearts dancing so fast,
we can finally lift off from earths set standards
and continue our celestial love affair alone.
Where no comparisons or hopes can follow.
And every face shall fade into a humming mass
far from the grey and blue below.