Saturday, January 30, 2010

i dunno.

I do not care for the common passers ears,
let my hearts glee not be deterred
for any soul that does not requite it.
Let the glee ring out from these mortal cage of ribs,
for they seem to hold back this feeling in too small a confine.
Let this mortal facade be laughed at
once my passions breath has been held too long,
and with the howls of heaven let it flow,
flurried from the very hollow of its core.
It's the time for the heart to rule the mind.
Where no questions are asked,
and no answers need be given.
In this palpitation of impulsive love,
not to be calmed down to a monotonous pace.
Let us keep our hearts dancing so fast,
we can finally lift off from earths set standards
and continue our celestial love affair alone.
Where no comparisons or hopes can follow.
And every face shall fade into a humming mass
far from the grey and blue below.