Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh Mystery

I run through the busy street, to follow your scent.
The one that fills me with a soft buzzing that weighs down my head.
Your oblivious nature leaves me in your peripheral, where I always stay.
Please wake up and realize, don't leave me this way.

But then I think about it and I think of all the times,
they turned around and left me searching for more signs.
and there was none even though their soul was left for me to search,
and i found nothing there for me to want to keep in touch.

Oh mystery, i almost want to keep,
you secretive so you can't disappoint me.
as everyone does, when i reach them through the crowd.
So mystery, please don't leave,
just don't turn around.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Reality creaps up on us

open doors, to lolipop floors.
spiked with sugar cane glass.
through liquorish light.
the darkest night,
rips to reveal the rotting mass.
i cannot see as i'm asleep,
away in candyfloss land.
bur reality keeps seeping into my cloud,
keeps seeping up through the sand.
it pops up into my fairytale beach,
and my sea turns crimson read.
and the waves crash down while im fast asleep
till reality has drowned me dead.

I'm not too sure what inspired me to write this poem, I can only interpret it as my own perception of false happiness, and the things we try to cover through are goals in life, like money or love, like the type of dreams and aspirations we use as a blanket to cover all our dirty secrets, and bitterness.
I feel like if we keep building on top of a rotting foundation of consciousness, and do not sort out those problems, like the type of infliction others have caused, or the infliction we have put upon others, then everything, the most intricate of problems we haven't resolved will come back to haunt us.