Monday, September 7, 2009


Away from all the eys,
Paranoia gulps in a shaky breathe.
The clockwork in my mind winds down,
from a speedy whine to a jewelery box's soft twinkle.

Appearance and inhibitions disappear,
as I sink into the comfort of satisfied silence,
my kindest and most needed friend.
Silence, In where I'll never have to watch my back.
Never have to debate my time, or prove my character.
In the silence I can survive.
not oppressed to just a part of a big picture.
In the silence, I am alive.

Friday, September 4, 2009


You are my outlet of happiness,
my unashamed feeling of euphoria.
And time still wastes, yet, it's with you.
You. My guilty, shallow pleasure.

You are the filter of all my worries,
My constant visual reason.
And in y our presence, i frivolously link,
my fragile soul with yours.

And I would be completed,
If only, this were true,
and i was not sat here writing this,
Imaginary truth.