Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Youth's Manic Chic

To see you age, through smiles of stainless steel,
To see your salted skin begin to pale.
and the glint in your eyes become vulnerable tears...
I couldn't bear it.

So i look through a tint.
At everything as if,
everyone were there for solitary immortal moments.
captured in continuous plastic photographs,
Where no blood seeps through potential cracks.

They say these are the good days, the ones they talk about which fade.
Where music blasts through are ears so loud, the echoes of silence sit in the background like reapers and wait.
Like how our day of death hides behind a certain meander of fate.
not known until the step has been taken,
A footstep before your final feat.
When your invincible until your the day your not,
And death is only for a moment, and then the moments gone.

So you turn up the music inside your head,
of romanticized life, and feigned surprises.
And everything dead is something to be forgotten.
and all the gaps you jump over, that you never look below,
are inconveniences never to wonder about, never to ponder.
and you never think on it, the gaps you'll eventually collapse beneath,
The ones that lie below youths manic chic.


With no reason other than cowardice,
will I hide away from grape-vines,
and minds of those I care to understand.
I will hide from the transience of the fast slipping sand.

No perpetual wisdom will lead me to reclusion,
No Tibetan ritual of self-actualization.

With no other reason than fear,
will I hide away from crossroads.
And all those winding paths that lead to high roads and low roads,
I'll hide where no roads can lead to.
Under a cover of blissful ignorance.
Of beautiful insignificance and lack of experience.
Under a veil of twinkling stars,
The only thing left to fear being fear itself.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A song

I walked inside and I saw you, With all your budget beers,
And my face must have blended in with all your troubled tears.
And I can't forgive you, just because you apologized,
and your face crumpled up so much i couldn't recognize,
That face that sought and meant to hate,
That sealed my fate so readily
and destroyed these dreams so terribly,
And you sit there and stare at walls,
And time melts slowly by,
Oh I couldn't feel any worse, no I couldnt feel any worse,
And Time melts slowly by
Oh I'm sorry, so sorry, I couldn't find the words
And I'm sorry, the common blood couldn't wash away this hurt.
And your time melts slowly by.

Monday, December 7, 2009


level up, breathe past the surface,
stick your chin up and rise above it.
Let the water rise so close,
So you can open your mouth wide enough to taste it,
and the water rings through your ears,
emitting the echoes of your hollow heartbeat.

Sink into a watery realm,
where finger tips lengthen and skin softens.
Where hair fans out like flames in a breeze.
Where breath takes a time out and the mind winds down.
And everything slows down and is taken at ease.