Saturday, February 21, 2009

life resumes the second after

Its all a dream until the second after.
Its all in my head until its finished.
The imaginary screams that end the laughter.
I resume life the moment after.
A second after life, and then its over.
A life tangled up in clumsy dreams,
between the fake,between the real.

that's a poem i made up, because most of the time I'm just getting on with things. waiting for the next unknown.. but the next unknown is usually always known and predictable and usually the same thing i did the day before, except for the exception of the phrases id use.
Sometimes i just start feeling like im heading towards insanity. not being able to prevent the boredom and repetitiveness of my own future.. i know I'm a morbid bastard, but i'm just being honest...
its just the way my mind works.
one depressing thought after the next! I know that obviously I'm not going to progress in life with such a negative attitude but getting it down on paper makes everything a lot better.

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