Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time Warp

Do you ever feel like your stuck in a time warp?

like, you ride it out, when everything seems to be happening for everything else, and your just waiting, but nothing ever changes? Like you can predict each little meander of fate, and your not surprised by the absolute emptyness that follows day after day..

Like, you just notice that it's all one big routine you follow throughout the day, striving to complete all the tasks, just to keep up with the next day that follows, the exact same way.

For me It's, get up, breakfast, school, home, eat, play guitar and go to sleep as early as possible.. i've just gotten so bored, the highlight of my life is sleep.
And I have no idea how to get out of it.


  1. I hate routine. Unfortunately, that is also one of my downfalls. :(

  2. Hi, I'm the alias for riteuni02 @ Poetry Blogger @ Blogcatalog, and I'm the Voter for this week top 5 poetry blogs. SO here goes:

    Socially retarded? Nope, I just think that you have a different outlook in life, like the one in your post “My view on depression”. The accompanying poem is good too; like I said, you have a different insight and you managed to put in a poetic form.

    Content: it’s angsty alright, but poetically angsty. You do get witty sometimes, which is very amusing.

    Design: Neat and clean, easy to the eyes.

    Plus point: It’s a record of the world through a teenager’s eyes. Those awful times during your teenage years may be re – lived here, but somehow as you reflect later, you’ve gone through the worst and all will be OK / is OK now.

  3. I've defiantly been here. I hate having to be on auto pilot while life moves on. Like going to school, but never really leaving bed for the day. It really sucks.