Monday, March 29, 2010


I used to have an empty outlook on an average life.
Everything was invincible and safe as I was not gone
and would not be until I no longer existed.
I think that added to the boredom, It was never going to stop until I did.
Everything reeked of mediocrity. The people, the 9 - 5 life.
Every day i had the image of life, resembling a flat-line, green and monotonous, powering through everything.
There was no skipping of heartbeats, no shuddering, shaking, shivering or yelping.
No flicker of life like there were no flickers of smiles from my mouth.
Just a faint dull trace of hope, guiding me blindly like an auto-pilot through a clear blue sky.
With nothing to distract me or inhibit me, just flying through the air to the time of a ticking clock.
The sunrises and sunsets were as unimpressive as the Grey mist that clouded my mind.
I felt like i would be flying on this flat line silently until i reached an unequivocal end, and amounted to absolutely nothing.


  1. crap i was feeling like this for a few weeks now haha wish there was a zombie outbreak to spice life up a little-i mean most people live like zombies now anyways- an outbreak would just allow me to do something constructive.

  2. I was actually trying to make a book, I was starting off with the extract above, and then I was going to be like, "then suddenly! (insert amazing sequence of events" but I got lazy so finished it on a depressing note :P

  3. I think that sounds like a really good start to a book. You should continue it!