Thursday, August 25, 2011


We're all alone filling the gaps of the silence.
but what's so bad about the silence?
we realize we've accomplished nothing but hopeful encounters
full of potentials and failures that shaped our lives with their reactions
to our pitiful attempts of desperation to create an appealing temptation
that would lure them into our lives so we could stop going to sleep alone
and dreaming alone because our worst fears started to show
that there's no such thing as anything and sand will never again be stone
as we look to our aged families we realize everything disintegrates
as they cling to their unrelenting routine and fading characteristics.
And what do we do when we realize that our whole life's been wasted?
cling to the knowledge that other people have illuminated
and further realize our minds have melted into a pot of a frenzy
where people buy and sell so they can feed their families
families they've created because they felt they had to
because someone might have mentioned that they should do
so we all have no time because we waste it on each other
as we convince them to buy the things we're selling so we can buy the things that they are
and we insist we play an instrument so we pick up a guitar
and pluck strings to make the hollow noises that the others do
and some realize this so they make a different noise
and then they buy your cd and copy the very same thing
so then again you're part of it, feeding into the monster of time consumption
so we've no time to feel alone, because the music talks about the things we do,
like a pat on the back that tells you someone else understands
because no one has any time, we're all too busy,
blocking out the inevitable silence we'll all fall into eventually.

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