Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ballad of a Dandelion

I lay as a lion, stapled to the ground,
facing up at a topaz blue, among the changing clouds.
Beaming a lonely yellow, against the mass of green,
I couldn't move to meet anyone, nor anyone, me.

As years flew past of evergreen I had finally had enough,
I craved for fellow yellow mains, highlighted by the sun.
Then suddenly a mass of cotton overtook my sight
like a parachute in the breeze, floating across the sky.

Then suddenly, sat down by me, this solitary seed,
amongst the mass of endless grass, it chose to sit by me.
As weeks flew past the single seed engulfed into the ground,
and weeks after that, to my suprise, grew a stem with a golden mound.

Now amongst the sea of green, lies nestled next to me,
a lioness finer than the rest, the prettiest thing I've seen.
I told her there and then that I would do anything to make her mine,
planted prettily by my side, this is what she replied:

"I've been floating around forever, amongst the blue and white,
looking down at a sea of green, nothing more had reached my sight
But after years of looking, I finally flew by you,
Like a golden light in a lonely night, I knew you'd be mine too."

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