Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Sun and The Daisy

The petals of the flower are closed tight
head bowed,
her heart is cocooned in a womb of half light.

Then the sun seeps in softly, curving out from the night
yawning and growing louder
He giggles slightly as he filters in light
Stretching the shadows smaller

and his giggling tickles the pink of her bud
and her petals stretch a little to look out
and as she peeks she sees the sun at play
and her hearts start beaming
as petals peal away

She spreads out and straightens, revealing her core
at the mercy of his heat and his ability to burn.
But he warms every bit of the flower
as she stands up strongly stretching out even further

And the sun sends his beams to bathe her in light,
to caress every petal and to shade her from night
and for this dazzling moment they lie both entranced
The sun shining down and the flower beaming back.

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