Saturday, November 7, 2009

Conversation between Strangers

Man - you OK there?
Girl- Yeah.
Man- You don't look it. I saw you heading toward the water there, for a second I was thinking "oh shit", I thought I'd have to go swimming, and I'm not a strong swimmer so we'd both have drowned!
Man- Don't be a fool, last year I was a fool. Your not a fool are you?
Girl - No, I'm not a fool.
Man - Whats your name? I'm just heading home now.
They call me Frank, Frank the Tank, but that's a different story.
Girl - ......
Frank - let me tell you, Last year, I was at rock bottom. But my father used to always tell me that life was like a wheel, you can be at rock bottom one year, and the next you'd be at the top of it, and be the most popular in everything you do. Things always get better, don't let boys get you down anyway, there's plenty more of them.
Girl - It's not that.
Frank - Well whatever it is, take care of yourself, and get home safe.