Tuesday, November 10, 2009

following my head

A heart lies here in a darkened room,
clenching and letting go.
Like a fist in the night with a lot on it's mind,
It can't seem to just be still.
And a body encases the anger inside,
to feel it's every cry.
And I, the soul who holds it close,
will keep it company every night.
And I'll lie awake hearing its plea for me,
to just let go of sadness.
And it pleas please get up and follow me
and I'll bring you away from madness.
But then my mind reminds me that my heart is blind,
And would lead me through the thick and thin.
And even then I'll never catch up,
with the call that has my heart clenching.

1 comment:

  1. coming across your blog for first time.
    read some conversations and other posts.
    they are nice

    good one. :)
    words and well expressed emotions

    thanks for the nice read!