Monday, November 23, 2009


In my favorite dress of skin and cloth, I'll go out from warmth to wind.
I'll walk down the road to meet your eyes, on a dark, candle lit street.
I'll leave the air between our breath, to see what you can dish.
What movement and words the wind can bring,
and the effect, like a blow of fire and lead.

I'll unfurl myself outwards, to soak in the words.
let the pain seep into my every pore.
Breathe it in as if pain were part of the heavy air,
Breathe it in like my greatest friend.
I've kept you at bay for far too long,
I'll open my arms to you, my crouching tiger.
The only one always there when everyone else has left.


  1. Hi Cara

    Wow that was beautiful, I really enjoyed that poem. Sounds like lyrics from a Elliot Smith song.


  2. beautiful and well written, I wish I was a poet at times. I cant never seem to get my thoughts in order to write poetry. Im definetly going to follow.